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“Six Songs of Spring” named a “finalist” in the NATS Composition Contest!

I’m pleased that “Six Songs of Spring” was named as one of the “finalists” in the recent NATS Composition Contest!  I finished the piece about a week before the deadline, and twisted Lisa Cunningham’s arm to record the piece.  We recorded it in the Music Tech room at Spartanburg High School after school on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving beak.  She had a click track playing in her ear (with headphones) along with the Finale rendition of the piano part and a clarinet playing the vocal part!  During Thanksgiving break I played the piano part for the sections that I could technically play, and figured out a reverb that would make the piece sound like it was recorded in a concert hall rather than a small class room.  I’m pleased with the final product!

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Upcoming performances of “Tutti Frutti”

I am so pleased that members of the “Flute New Music Consortium” are performing “Tutti Frutti” in various flute festivals in the next little bit.  This coming weekend, January 28, Kallie Snyder and Sarah Jane Young will be performing it in Orlando at the Florida Flute Association Convention, then Brittany Trotter and Emily Nazario will perform it during the Mid-Southern Flute Association Convention held in Hattiesburg, Mississippi from March 31 through April 1.  March and I are going to head down to Florida to hear the concert this weekend.  In honor of these upcoming performances I’m going to make “Tutti Frutti” my featured work of the moment!

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Upcoming treefalls concert

I’m excited that my new piece “Falling Up” will be premiered on Monday (if the weather permits it) as part of a “treefalls” program being held at the Taphouse in Spartanburg.  The concert will begin at 7:00pm and will last approximately an hour.  “treefalls” is a New Music group formed by my former student Peter Kay.  It has brought all kinds of vitality to Spartanburg in my opinion!!  “Falling Up” is written for Flute, Oboe, Synthesizer and special effects.  I’m running the performance through “Mainstage” and incorporating a Looper and some special microphone effects.  I’m posting a mock-up of “Falling Up” as my “Featured Composition” until after the performance.  I hope people can attend the concert, and enjoy the music.  It is kind of a new style for me, and it is pretty challenging to run all the special effects!

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Featured Work

Six Songs of Spring (2016)

Duration: 14'

Mezzo Soprano and Piano

Tutti Frutti (for Two-ti Virtuosi Flutti) (2015)

Duration: 13'

2 Flutes