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Spring – and Autumn

We are on our final weekend of Spring Break.  During the week we marked the year anniversary of dad’s passing.  I also received a wonderful recording of my piece, “Six Songs of Spring”.  Since it IS Spring, I’m going to make that my “featured” piece on the site – but, I’m also going to have my orchestra piece, “Falling Leaves” as the “next up” piece.  I wrote “Falling Leaves” last autumn – literally while the leaves were falling off the trees in beautiful colors.  It was a definite homage to dad.  So, my page will juxtapose the beauty in the “autumn” phase of our lives versus the beauty in the “spring” phase – the time of rebirth!

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Performances and Summer Plans

I’m so pleased with Dorea Cook’s performance of “Six Songs of Spring”.  March and I went to Valdosta State for the premiere on February 7th.  Dorea and her accompanist, Josh Pifer, performed with such sensitivity to the text and to the musical ideas presented in the cycle.  I’m looking forward to receiving the recording!  On a different note, I recently was accepted to the “Space City New Music Festival” in Houston, Texas this summer.  I will be writing a piece for Flute, Clarinet and Cello to be performed there, and I will be able to visit my friends Sharon and Richard Fink, who I haven’t seen for a while.  I also realized that one of my friends from Boston University will be teaching at the Festival – Shih-Hui Chen.  So, it should be a fun week in Houston this July!

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Charlotte New Music Festival

I’m looking forward to attending the Charlotte New Music Festival for the next two weeks! I will be immersed in composition, and actually have a composition teacher (for the first time in twenty-five years). This coming Thursday, June 21st, the “Red Clay Saxophone” quartet will debut my new piece, Bopbe. Once I have a recording I’ll post it!

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Featured Work

Six Songs of Spring (2016)

Duration: 14'

Mezzo Soprano and Piano

Falling Leaves (2018)

Duration: 9'

2 Fl, 2 Ob., 2 Cl., 2 Bn., 4 Hn. 3 Tpt. in C., 3 Tbn., Tba., Timp., 1 Per., Hp., Strings